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A squirrel in Hubbards Hills

Louth, a Lincolnshire town, is famous for St James church, with its towering spire. It's also the birthplace of the astronaut Michael Foale. Highlights include the town's Georgian architecture and its unique, independent shops. It also features the Meridian Leisure Centre and the Riverhead Theatre, home to the Louth Playgoers.

The place has a somewhat twee image, but there's more to Louth than quaint markets and old-fashioned architecture. A fair amount of construction work and regeneration is going on.

In places Louth is an extremely modern town. However, there are many people who work hard to preserve the town's unique character and its amenities, such as Hubbard's Hills.

LouthXSports Skate Park Officially Opens        

LouthXSports Skate Park Officially Opens

On Saturday, 24th June the Louth XSports Skate Park was officially opened for skateboarders, bikers, and scooter riders to enjoy.
June 2017
Images From The 2017 Run For Life        

Images From The 2017 Run For Life

A gallery of images from the annual Run For Life on 25th June 2017 in Louth in aid of Cancer Research.
June 2017
A Lack Of Traffic Regulation Orders Risks Safety        

A Lack Of Traffic Regulation Orders Risks Safety

The County Council will not put in place new restrictions on traffic in Louth, in spite of population growth and increasing problems with traffic.
May 2017
County Council Elections 2017        

County Council Elections 2017

On May 4th people voted in Lincolnshire County Council elections. Certain issues dominated conversations in the lead up to the vote.
May 2017

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St James

Landmarks in Louth

For years the skyline in Louth has been dominated by the spire of St. James and the enormous ABM building, also known as the Malt Kiln. Work started on demolishing the Malt Kiln in January of 2004 in order to make way for some flats, although this work ceased soon after, before being resumed in 2014 and completed in February 2015 in order to build an Aldi. St James, however, has stood for over half a millennium and is unlikely to be coming down any time soon.

Tomorrow's Events

Louth Lions Bike Night
Louth Market Place 6pm-9pm
Klout will perform live at the 5th annual Bike Night.

Live In Five
Louth Playgoers Riverhead Theatre, Victoria Road 7.30pm
A play directed by John Hewer and produced by Louth Playgoers and Hambledon. Until 1st July.

Janine Stones      

Janine Stones races to take first place in the Run For Life.

June 25 2017

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