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Round-Up: Water, Resolutions and Tree Planting

January 1st 2013


Christmas Eve


29th December


New Year's Day

It's been one of the wettest Christmases in years, and although the river Lud has been on flood alert in December Louth has avoided the kind of flooding that has afflicted the rest of the country. However Springside has sprouted a small pond, as you can see in the pictures. It has continued to grow steadily in size even when it hasn't rained, so it's either down to a burst pipe or the spring, which normally flows underground but could be flowing out because of the high water table. Anglian Water told me they'd test it for chlorine to determine whether it's a leak or natural spring water, which is also very clear.


It's that time of year when all our good intentions crystallise into New Year's Resolutions, especially if you're anything like me and it feels like your blood supply consists of three-day-old whipped cream mixed with toffee. So if you've resolved to lose weight or just eat a little more healthily, Slimming World meets on Thursday January 3rd, 5.30-8.30pm, at the London Road Pavilion.

If you want to get fit, there are zumba classes on at various venues. New beginners classes start on Wednesday 9th Jan at Monks Dyke School at 7.30pm, and Friday 11th January at the Meridian Leisure Centre at 6pm. There's also an 11am Saturday morning session on at Alvingham village hall, although I'm not sure if it starts on the 5th or th 12th.

Resolutions don't have to be about health and fitness, it's also a good excuse to learn something new and broaden your horizons. You Can Sing Vocal Academy starts a new term on Monday 7th January at Saint Michaels and All Angels hall, on Mount Pleasant. Times are 5-6pm for kids, 6-7pm for adults, and sessions are 3.50. For more information and to book your place email angela_pearson@hotmail.co.uk or ring Angela on 07960582207.

Tree Planting Scheme

Thanks to a series of grants, Lincolnshire County Council plans to plant 33 000 trees in the county this January, an increase of 7500 trees on last year. This is in response to a loss of biodiversity and hedgerow habitats since 1945, particularly in the 1980s.


So whether your resolution is to change yourself, learn something new, or save the world, I hope this post has given you some places to start. Happy New Year!

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