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Malt Kiln Demolition Gallery

February 1st 2015

The crane

January 2004

warning signs

Warning signs, October 9th 2008

The Malt Kiln in 2012

9th September 2012

The ABM building

In 2012 the ABM building had lain derelict for years

Work starts

How it looked on 9th October 2014

The Nibbler bites

more destruction

The nibbler

The Nibbler at work

The Malt Kiln on 11th October

11th October 2014

Partially demolished


The ABM on its way

The Malt Kiln on 11th October

11th October 2014

The Christmas tree

20th December 2014, with a Christmas tree on top

The Malt Kiln on 20th December

20th December 2014

The Malt Kiln on 20th 

20th January 2015

Top of the tower

The top of the last tower

GBM workers

GBM workers look on

The Malt Kiln tower

The Malt Kiln on 20th January

Remains of the building

Little remained by 30th January 2015

Remains on 30th January

Breaking up the rubble

Breaking up the rubble

30th January 2015

Several machines break up the last of the building

One of the first things I posted on this website, in January 2004, was a post about the Malt Kiln's demolition. Back then the contractors attempted to use a giant crane, and the noise of the ball smashing against concrete resounded around town.

That attempt failed, and it was eleven years before GBM succeeded in bringing the vast industrial building down. It was targeted by urban explorers in 2008, and colonised by pigeons.

GBM used a "Nibbler" to demolish the building bit by bit. It was considerably quieter than the crane with the giant ball, although the work still threw up a lot of dust.

Work started on demolition in October, and is scheduled to continue until February 13th. Aldi will then begin building their new store on the site.

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