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Triton Knoll Consultation Launched

July 1st 2011

Triton Knoll is an offshore wind farm which is planned 20 miles off the Lincolnshire coast. It's a huge development which could supply the energy needs of around 850 000 households on average over the year.

But such an ambitious plan can't go ahead without a public consultation. RWE and Npower Renewables are asking people to submit their comments on their views of renewable energy and the environmental impact of the proposals. This consultation is specifically about the offshore wind farm, rather than the impact of the electrical system and the onshore substation, which is the subject of a separate planning application.


The consultation closes at 5pm 12th July 2011. People are invited to register comments by post, email, or via the website. There have also been a number of public exhibitions which have already taken place.

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