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Pictures From The 2015 Run For Life

July 1st 2015

winner of the womens race

The winner of the women's race

a T-Rex

This T-Rex was part of the SO Festival



dog walking

Canine competitors

ladies in wheelchairs

Some competitors were wheeled round the course

Janine Stones

Janine Stones

a dog and owner

This dog set the style bar high with pink fairy wings

pet owners walking dogs

2015 was definitely a year for pets

The men set off

The men set off

Wayne Bateman

Wayne Bateman as Tinkerbell

118 runners

118 runners

The Cancer Research shoe

The Cancer Research shoe

winner of the mens race

The winner of the men's race

second place runner

This man came second in the men's race

June 28th 2015 saw the 10th anniversary of the Run For Life in Louth, an event that has grown from humble beginnings to capture the imaginations and enthusiasm of hundreds every year.

The first run in 2006 was women-only, and only later did it expand to take in three categories.

BBC Lincolnshire were on stage to announce the start and welcome people back, whilst Hollie Wells took care of warming up competitors.

The run was in aid of Cancer Research, and I'll admit to having a lump in my throat as I read all of the messages posted on people's backs in memory of those people affected, and in celebration of those people who have survived cancer.

2014's event raised over 40,000 for Cancer Research UK. If the crowds in the market place were any indication, I fully expect 2015's event to beat that total.

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