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LSGC Painting Competition

November 2nd 2011

Rat ogre by Becky Mitchell

Rat ogre by Becky Mitchell

Skaven assassin

Skaven assassin by Jason Cullingford

Sicarius by Charlie Dawson

Sicarius by Charlie Dawson

Space wolf by David Hall

Space wolf by David Hall

Tygron by Ned Ellis

Tygron by Ned Ellis

Boarding Party model

"Boarding Party" by Richard Leese

Richard Leese and David Hall

David Hall, right, congratulates
winner Richard Leese

Louth Strategy Games Club meets at the Trinity Centre once a week. On 30th October they held a Halloween party, which featured their annual painting competition as a highlight. Entrants painted intricately detailed miniature models from a variety of gaming universes, encompassing characters from fantasy, science fiction, pirate games, and more.


Club members voted on each entry in order to choose the winners. Placements were as follows:

  1. Richard Leese
  2. Jason Cullingford
  3. Matthew Leese
  4. David Hall
  5. Becky Mitchell
  6. Aiden Fletcher
  7. Charlie Dawson
  8. Ned Ellis
  9. David Hutchings

The club used to meet on a Sunday, but from November they will be experimenting with Saturday meetings at the Trinity Centre. They get together to play a variety of strategy games, paint models, and take part in related social activities such as quizzes.

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