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Lockdown Two In Louth

November 3rd 2020

A sign urging people to wash hands, cover face, make space.
Wash Hands, Cover Face, Make Space
Unfortunately England is to enter a second phase of lockdown, as cases of Covid have risen nationally and the government chose to ignore the advice of its scientific advisors to have a short, sharp lockdown in September. This will have a number of local impacts.

Hope and Light project

The Hope and Light project mentioned in the last update is still set to go ahead.

Templates are available at Different Light if you want to take part.

Test and Trace support payment

As I mentioned in the previous update, ELDC is managing Test and Trace support payments of £500 for eligible people who can't work from home. If you're on a low income and have been asked to self-isolate, this may apply to you.

It's worth noting that there is a discretionary element to this, so even if you think you may not be eligible, if you have been asked to isolate and believe you will face hardship as a result, visit the East Lindsey website to find out more.

The Covid Symptom Study

The Covid Symptom Study indicates an estimate of 1013 active cases in East Lindsey on 3rd November. These numbers continue to climb, in line with the picture across most of Lincolnshire.

Tribute to key workers

On Tuesday 3rd November, Louth Town Council discussed whether and how to commemorate the efforts of the NHS and key workers during the pandemic. The council resolved to defer a decision on this until a later date, when more is known about the pandemic and about people's efforts during it.

It's clearly important to mark the contributions and sacrifices that many key workers have made. Whatever the council decide to do, nothing will be as good a recognition of key workers' efforts as a pay rise.

Shops update

As non-essential shops are set to close, there will be a few changes to shops around town. Here are a few examples of how shops are dealing with the challenge of a second lockdown.

Boyes in Mercer Row have heard that they will be able to remain open, in contrast with the first lockdown when, in spite of selling a number of essential items, they weren't able to open.

Eve and Ranshaw are holding extended opening hours, closing at 8pm, until Wednesday in response to the announcement. However, they do have an online store.

The St Andrews Hospice charity shop on Aswell Street isn't taking donations, because they won't be able to sell them in time for Thursday's lockdown and closure of non-essential stores.

Spill The Beans launched an online shop in September, and the shop on Eastgate will remain open during the November lockdown.

The Louth Independent Traders is running a prize draw with participating shops from 1st November until 19th December 2020, with a first prize of £300. This includes both participating shops and click and collect, so although lockdown will have an effect, it won't stop this promotion going ahead altogether. An entry is available with each purchase. Now more than ever it's important to support local independent retailers, so it's worth looking out for this.

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