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Council Round-Up: Cattle Market Democracy, Ancient Titles, And Community Radio

September 4th 2013

the cattle market

The cattle market

The town council meeting of Tuesday, 3rd September didn't feature any major planning application decisions. But the town clerk, Linda Blankley, received an unqualified audit for the council's accounts, so that was something.

Councillor Andrew Leonard brought up the issue of car parking charges, citing a recent article in the Daily Telegraph about Eric Pickles' comments on council parking charges. Councillor Laura Stephenson mentioned that ELDC are looking in to solar panel covers over car parks, which would be built by energy companies. The council would simply rent them the space.

Councillor Pauline Watson said "They have to be put in according to conservation rules."

I sensed a certain scepticism about the solar panels from certain councillors, but car parks aren't places of architectural beauty, as a rule, and the panels on the top of the Meridian Centre are performing well.

Legbourne Road

"I am getting complaints about the smell on Legbourne Road," Councillor Jill Makinson-Sanders said. "People are saying to me that it might be better to have houses. That's not a good reason to have a development."

There was some discussion as to whether this was due to the pig farm there, or the general muck-spreading that takes place every year across the Wolds. "I can confirm that East Lindsey's environmental health team were called out three times last week to Legbourne Road," Councillor Leonard said.

This is an ongoing problem, but it's particularly timely because there will be a public meeting on Thursday, 5th September at the British Legion Hall in Northgate, to discuss the Southern Gateway development.

The Cattle Market

Councillor Leonard updated the council on the petition on the cattle market, which is also circulating as a paper petition. "I believe we will achieve the 1400 signatures required," he said.

Councillor Stephenson pointed out that there are a couple of rival petitions on the ELDC website, asking for the livestock market to be sold to a supermarket, with 0 and 5 signatures respectively.

"It is a question of people having the opportunities to have their say," Councillor Leonard was careful to point out.

Councillor Margaret Ottaway agreed. "It is not East Lindsey consulting, it is East Lindsey dictating."

"It's an issue for the whole of the Lincolnshire area," Councillor Makinson-Sanders said.

The public meeting on the 8th of July was all of the input ELDC wanted to give the people of Louth on the future of the site, and this campaign is all about giving local people a voice in its future. It's interesting to note that Keep Louth Special have some very appealing alternative plans for the cattle market's continued future at Newmarket.

High Steward

King Edward VI Almshouse School And Educational Charity At Louth used to have a High Steward, but he is now deceased, and they want to know whether the town council will appoint another person. However, the Localism Act has changed the rules governing whether parish councils can appoint such dignitaries. There was some discussion over when the post was created, and a decision on this was deferred so that councillors could find out more.

It's little things like this that make me wonder whether the Localism agenda isn't actually all about stripping powers from local government and centralising them. Why can't we have our old-fashioned titles and pomp? For a town like Louth, that relies somewhat on tourism and olde-worlde charm, these small touches are important.

Community Radio

Councillor George Horton has asked whether rooms upstairs at the Sessions House could be used by a community radio group. Councillor Trevor Marris said "The property group thought that there was no problem at all."

Councillor Leonard pointed out that there would be "nil cost to the town council" for this. "I think it's a splendid idea and we should back it 100%," agreed Councillor Neil Ward.

"It would be a 24 hour radio station, online initially," Councillor Horton explained. However, that would not mean it would be broadcasting constantly, instead it would be on a loop. "We are drastically short of presenters," he said.

So if radio presenting sounds like something you would be interested in, get in touch with Councillor Horton. You can find his details here.

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