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The Third National Lockdown

January 5th 2021

The UK has entered a third national lockdown, closing schools and various non-essential shops and other venues because infections of Covid-19 have been rising nationally. The details are on the government's website.

In spite of the roll-out of two vaccines, there was something sadly predictable about this rise in cases and the need to impose stricter measures. It feels like we've been here before. A much stricter approach to controlling case numbers, New Zealand style, would save lives and give us more freedoms in the long run.

A few useful numbers

January is traditionally the grimmest of months thanks to the lack of daylight this time of year and the post-Christmas gloom. Now, thanks to lockdown, it will be harder to take the edge off the black dog, to mix a metaphor. So it's more important than ever to reach out either if you're feeling overwhelmed yourself, or if you know someone who is lonely or anxious. The following numbers could be helpful.

Samaritans: 116 123.

Citizens Advice Lindsey: 0808 2787904.

The Lincolnshire County Council helpline if you have been asked to self-isolate and can't get out for food or medicine is: 01522 782189.

If you're struggling with your mental and emotional health, Lincolnshire has a free, confidential helpline. Call 0800 001 4331 if you would like to talk to someone.

The Covid Symptom Study

The Covid Symptom Study is estimating 825 active cases of Covid in East Lindsey. Although lower than it has been in recent months, the trend is rising.

Case statistics

Similar to the Symptom Study, following a drop over the Christmas period, case rates in East Lindsey were rising once more. In the seven days to 30th December there were 221 total cases, a rate of 155.9 per 100,000 people.

Whilst this is still well below the November 2020 peak, these figures are no cause for complacency, given that we have been in Tier 4, and it hasn't had the effect of suppressing the virus that might have been hoped for. So there's no guarantee that the results will see this winter will echo the results of either of the two previous national lockdowns.

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