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Round-up: Swimming Pool Sale and Local Elections

April 6th 2011

Council Meeting

Last night's town council meeting didn't yield much in the way of juicy gossip. There was some discussion about how to distribute the funds from the sale of the old swimming pool at Victoria Road. The proceeds are supposed to benefit the people of Louth and area, according to the covenant, and the debate centred around exactly how to divide the money up. Legal issues regarding the sale were also brought up.

Also on the agenda was what to call the town council premises, since Sessions House makes it sound too much like a court. This is still in discussion. A certain member of the peanut gallery suggested they go with its existing nickname of "Tumbledown Towers". For some reason this was roundly ignored.

Local Elections

Meanwhile, local elections are coming up on 5th May. A summary of candidates and other information on the elections is available on this page: http://www.e-lindsey.gov.uk/Council/elections+and+voting/district+elections.htm [update: link expired]. (Click the documents box on the left for the full skinny, available as PDFs.)

Sarah Dodds, the campaigner for Save Our Schools, will be standing as a Labour Party candidate for Priory Ward against three others. Biff Vernon, a leading member of the Transition Town Louth group, is standing for Labour (how come he's not a Green party candidate!?) in the St Michaels ward, against George Horton and former mayor Fran Treanor.

At just 18 years old Thomas Nelson-Smith could be the youngest local candidate. He's standing in the St James against Independent Andrew Leonard and Conservative Pauline Watson.

There are a number of unopposed candidates. Amongst those closest to or within Louth are Adam Grist in Legbourne, Doreen Stephenson in North Thoresby, and Mike Preen in Trinity ward.

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