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The Second Annual Bike Night

June 7th 2013

a red trike

a yellow Honda

a shiny bike

another shiny bike

this one is shiny too

bikes in Mercer Row

bikes in Eastgate

more bikes in Eastgate

bikes at the Fish Shambles

another shiny bike

Klout on stage

a trike

Leather, chrome, and the pungent smell of petrol filled the streets of Louth on Thursday, 6th of June, as bikers rolled in for the second annual Louth Bike Night. The event was organised by Louth and District Lions. I have heard estimates that over 4000 motorbikes and trikes turned up, although I don't know how anyone could have counted them all.

The streets were lined with bikes, parked throughout Mercer Row, the town centre, and Eastgate up to the junction to Northgate, with car parks around town taking the overspill. The centre was closed off to other traffic for the event, and there were stalls promoting things like road safety and biker groups.


Klout played on the stage in the town centre. They are a rock covers band fronted by Kev MacDonald.

The town was pretty busy early in the evening, but bikers don't hang around for long. Nevertheless this bike night was far busier than last year's.

Update 10th June

Liz Shaw of Louth Lions had this to say about the event:

Louth Lions are feeling very proud. We pulled off another bike night and exceeded the amount we were hoping for. We stopped counting at just over 2000 bikes and all the car parks were full, I don't think we could have slotted another bike anywhere else. The atmosphere was electric, the band were great as always and the stall holders were overwhelmed with the amount of people. The mayor enjoyed opening the bike night and arriving on the back of a bike.

We have had lots of emails from bikers who enjoyed themselves, and all stall holders want to book again for next year.

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