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86 Homes Planned For Legbourne Road

December 7th 2020

86 homes for Legbourne Road

Developers have put forward plans for 86 homes on the south west side of Legbourne Road. These are the detailed plans - the site has already been granted outline permission for 89 homes. The plans include 26 detached homes, 26 semi-detached homes, and the rest in terraced blocks of various sizes.

Members of the public have until 23rd December 2020 to make comments on the plans. These can be found on the East Lindsey website with the reference number N/105/02010/20.

A chance to speak at council

As a result of the Covid restrictions, the planning committee at East Lindsey has been meeting online via Zoom. Unfortunately, this has meant that people who would normally have come to meetings about large or contentious applications didn't have a chance to speak in person. Pre-Covid, there was the right for someone to speak to represent the parish council, the developer, members of the public, and the ward councillor. That might mean four speakers, typically.

The situation since the resumption of meetings in June 2020 has been that ward councillors can write in statements, but the normal democratic participation of members of the public has been curtailed.

This obviously isn't ideal. So proposals have come forward for the system to change, and for members of the public, councillors, and developers to again have the chance to speak in online council meetings now that the council has had the opportunity to understand the technology of videoconferencing much better. There will be a vote on this on Wednesday, 9th December, at ELDC's full council meeting.

Fewer plans for Louth?

Compared with recent years, there have been relatively fewer large planning applications coming in for Louth. This is because the council adopted a Local Plan in 2018, and in the years leading up to that large developers were keen to get their applications in before the Local Plan was adopted, bringing in more definite rules and structure to the local planning process. That isn't to say that development has ground to a halt, it hasn't (although Covid-19 has interfered with building projects). But the rate of new projects coming to Louth has eased off somewhat.

There are only a handful of sites around Louth allocated on the Local Plan that remain without planning permission or undeveloped. Once these are built upon, housing developments will be considered "windfall", which means they aren't allocated on the plan, and may have to meet more stringent criteria before they will be allowed. The plan is supposed to last for 15 years, although it should be refreshed and updated within the first 5 years to take account of new evidence.

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