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The Gatherums Regeneration Group Launch A Consultation

October 8th 2011

Aswell Hole  

The dilapidated horse steps

The path from the Gatherums to Aswell Street

The path to Aswell Street

The Gatherums Regeneration Group are moving to the next phase of their proposed regeneration of Springside, and they want to hear the public's views on the matter. They had a stall in the town centre this Saturday to explain their mission and take signatures for a petition of support.


The group is already responsible for pushing through the first part of the regeneration project, completed in 2007, which saw new paths laid, a central seating area, and various other improvements made to the area. They are hoping to secure funding for another round of development to be carried out in the near future.

There are various proposals for improving the area. These include:
  • Resurfacing the footpath between The Gatherums and Aswell Street
  • Making improvements to drainage in Aswell Hole
  • Reinstating or restoring the Horsesteps
  • Adding information boards on the history of the area
  • Installing a water feature
  • Improving lighting
  • Ensuring access for all

Access For All?

The horse steps are both steep and in a bad state of repair. Potholes lead down to a badly-drained muddy patch which swamps up in wet weather, and an unsurfaced path. At the moment access is bad for everyone.

However getting this sorted out to everyone's satisfaction is going to be tricky: horse steps and cobbles may look attractive, but will they work for disabled access? At the moment the takeaways on Aswell street use the area for bins and parking, so there is the question of whether they will be able to drive their cars down there and use the space. The regeneration group has to consider the needs of various groups so they can come up with a plan that has wide support.

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