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Further Lockdown Changes In Louth

November 8th 2020

The war memorial decorated with poppies
The war memorial decorated with poppies Louth Library
Louth Library
The second phase of lockdown continues to mean changes for the way things are run locally, some of which I detailed in a previous update.

A different kind of remembrance

Remembrance Sunday looked a lot different in 2020, with restrictions on the number of people who could attend and lay wreaths at a service that took place at St James Church. There was no parade through town, nor the crowds of onlookers, for obvious reasons.

Nonetheless, it has been a day for privately reflecting the sacrifices made on our behalf by those who fell in war, and of appreciation for what they fought for.

EDAN looks for volunteers

During the previous lockdown, there was an increase in Lincolnshire of calls to the police about domestic violence. EDAN Lincs Domestic Abuse Service are looking for volunteers to help with a number of activities, including emotional support over the phone, fundraising support including selling online, and collecting donations. Visit EDAN Lincs to learn more and apply to help.

Donna Nook is closed

A couple of weeks ago, Donna Nook was operating a booking system. That meant that visitors had to pay a fee and book in advance, or they would be turned away from the area. The advent of the second lockdown has changed that, and now since the 5th of November the seal viewing area has been closed. People are being asked not to travel to see the seals during lockdown. Lincs Wildlife Trust is giving refunds for anyone who booked a date after the lockdown period.

Changes at Louth Library

Louth Library will be open during lockdown, but not for browsing. Instead, books can be reserved online for click and collect, and people can call to reserve a 30 minute computer session for essential digital public services. A number of other activities such as events, room bookings, study space and story time will still be suspended. Visit this page for more details on changes to the library service.

The Covid Symptom Study

At last, some better news from the Covid Symptom Study. It indicates an estimate of 996 active cases in East Lindsey on 8th November, a slight dip from 1013 active cases on 3rd November. Whilst it's not a huge change, this is a levelling off.

I'm not convinced that cases will fall significantly without university and secondary school closures, and/or without asking people to mask up whenever in public. It will take a few weeks until the effect of the current lockdown can be measured. In the meantime, I hope we can all do our best to stick to the rules, keep our distance, stay in ventilated spaces where possible, and especially mask up when being close to others can't be avoided.

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