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Round-Up: Fulmar Drive, Ambulance Campaign, and a Surprise in the Woods

August 9th 2012

Fulmar Drive

the Lincolnshire Wolds Railway

Shucksmiths Woods social area

an owl box

the end of Fulmar Drive

Shucksmiths Woods

Shucksmiths Woods den making

Tuesday's meeting of Louth Town Council kicked off with a discussion of the ambulance service, echoing concerns about possible future cuts. Councillor Margaret Ottaway spoke about an elderly lady who had had a bad break that same day. "It was two hours before an ambulance arrived," she said.

The upcoming review has raised local concerns. Jack Featherstone has launched a campaign called Keep Calm and Save Louth Ambulance Station. In addition, Dr Brin Massey has asked people to write to the ambulance service about their concerns.

Fulmar Drive

Andrew Tilsley of Taylor Wimpey and Roger Smith of Saville's made a presentation and answered questions in front of the council about the proposed development of 149 houses on Fulmar Drive. The developers had already held a consultation with local people about their plans.

"Most people accepted the principle but were concerned about traffic," Roger Smith said. "The development provides for off-site road improvements. It was felt that a roundabout was something we should offer."

However Councillor Eileen Ballard was worried about construction traffic. "There are young children on those estates," she said. "While you're building the development there will be lorries going through. I hope nothing happens to those young children while you're building those houses!"

Surface water drainage was another of the council's concerns. Roger Smith explained that they plan to deal with this with a series of swales, which are large ditches positioned around the development to collect surface water.

The town council narrowly approved the Fulmar Drive plans, by 8 votes to 7. The application will now go forward to ELDC for final consent.

Cemetery container

The Town Council also voted on Louth Town Partnership's request to store a container at the cemetery. Councillor Andrew Leonard argued that it would be "discreet, out of the way, and behind the hedge." Councillor George Horton added that "a container makes no noise, but you can hear the swearing coming from the 5-a-side pitch."

However the council voted to reject the plan to put a container there. "It's inappropriate to have it at the cemetery," Councillor Ballard said. Councillor Pauline Watson agreed, remarking that "most people in Louth would be absolutely horrified."

Railway line extensions

In other news, the Lincolnshire Wolds Railway are looking for money and volunteers to help extend the line back towards Louth. They own the track bed as far as the edge of the industrial estate. However this is still an expensive undertaking: it costs 200 000 for each mile of track, and they hope to eventually add another 8.5 miles.

Part of the problem is that LWR is a company rather than a registered charity. Being a charity would open up new avenues of funding so they have plans to change their status, but to do that they must contact all of their shareholders and get consent, and that can be a slow process. In the meantime they welcome donations and any offers of help. With that in mind they had a stall at Louth Market on Saturday to sell merchandise and help raise awareness of their activities. If you're interested in getting involved go here for more information.

Shucksmith's Woodland Area

Beside the canal near Alvingham there's a surprise waiting for you in the woods. Puddle Ducks Playgroup have created a play area with spots for den making, minibeast observation, rope walking and more. It's tucked away in a copse not far from the two churches, and it's a great spot for children intrepid Gruffalo hunters to explore during the summer holidays.

Top Spots and Grot Spots

The Louth Town Partnership are asking people to highlight the town's most and least attractive areas, and send in photos. This is in order to get a head start in next year's East Midlands in Bloom competition. If you have any comments about an area you want to see improved, or one you want highlighted on next year's judging route, send an email to samantha.phillips@e-lindsey.gov.uk.

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