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November 9th 2011

Hubbards Hills

Hubbards Hills

Tuesday 8th November saw an eventful town council meeting. Item 8 on the agenda concerned proposed amendments to the documentation governing the Hubbards Hills Trust, to be reported by Councillor Leonard. The council held a vote on whether or not this item should be discussed in a public or a closed session, and it was decided that it should be discussed in the open. However I have disappointingly little to report. Not much was said about these documents in the end, and their content was not revealed except in a private document to the Mayor.

A certain Mrs Hume commented on this item. However I'm not even going to report what she said. This is because of a very nebulous something that I have heard, something that is so mired in rumour and hearsay that I can't confirm whether it exists or if it is, in fact, nothing but a myth, the ghost of a unicorn of a legality that has effectively wiped the keystrokes from my fingers. I can't say for sure something is up, it may just as easily be nothing. I would like to get a look at that report.

That's a stellar piece of investigative blogging, I know. I promise it gets better.

Pedestrianisation of the town centre?

Item 9 on the planning agenda involved a suggestion submitted by local resident Mrs Rudford for pedestrianisation of the town centre. Mrs Rudford is in favour of more pedestrianisation in order to make the centre safer for people walking in town. Would pedestrianisation improve the town centre, or would it be too disruptive for trade?

Coppers on the Wall

On the 18th of November the town council will be holding Coppers on the Wall, a fundraising event for Children in Need. People are asked to leave copper coins lined up on the wall, it's that simple. This was the idea of the late former mayor Keith Sharpe, and the council have agreed to continue it in his memory.

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