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Community Food In The Gatherums

May 10th 2011

The plot beforehand

Maggie waters the plants in
People get to work
People living near the Gatherums will be able to enjoy growing and eating organic food thanks to a community food project. The scheme is run by Louth Community Food Gardens, in association with the Gatherums Regeneration Committee and ELDC.


On Monday the sun shone as volunteers planted a variety of herbs in a plot at the east end of the park. These included rosemary, thyme, oregano, chamomile and echinacea. ELDC provided the plants. Passers-by were encouraged to have a go and get digging, because one of the aims of the group is to show people how easy it is to grow your own food.

Roz Laggan and James Pocklington were amongst the people who took part. They are part of the Master Gardeners scheme, which is all about training volunteers and supporting people to grow and eat healthy food.

More to come

Herbs will not be the whole story. There are also plans for a series of raised beds in the corner of the Gatherums, and also a hidden water butt. So if you missed this event but want to get involved in others in the future, get in touch through the Louth Community Food Gardens website. These pictures may give the impression that there's some hard work involved, but it's not the case at all: it only takes a few volunteers to get through the planting really quickly, and the rest is gravy. Herb flavoured gravy.

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