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Local Groups Benefit From Council Cheques

May 11th 2011

Louth Town Hall
21 local groups were the beneficiaries of cheques awarded at Louth Town Council in a ceremony on Tuesday night. The mayor Trevor Marris made the awards in front of a packed room of about 150 people at the Town Hall.


These were the groups that received cash:
  1. Louth X-Sports
  2. Louth Antiquities and Culture Group
  3. Louth and District MS Society
  4. Community Larder
  5. Lincolnshire WI
  6. Jumbulance
  7. Homestart East Lindsey
  8. Girl Guides, Louth Division
  9. Lindsey Blind Society
  10. Living Organ Society
  11. British Legion
  12. Louth Choral Society and Juniors
  13. RNLI Louth
  14. Louth Police Cadets
  15. Scouts, Louth
  16. Lincolnshire Cottage Garden and Allotments Group
  17. Louth Concert Society
  18. Louth Old Boys
  19. Louth Dolphins
  20. Louth and District Parkinsons Society
  21. Louth CAB
Both the Lincolnshire WI and the British Legion are celebrating their 90th anniversary year in 2011.

Park Lane Youth Club

One group left out is the Park Lane Youth Group. Should it close this will leave Nicholls and The Hive as the only remaining youth groups in town.


Trevor Marris Deputy Mayor has pointed out that only 21 groups received cash, not 22 as I originally stated on this page. Eastgate Union Church was not given money.


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