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Floods, Parking and School Buildings

July 11th 2012


After the kerfuffle over Sausagegate, the Town Council meeting on 10th July was subdued. It was back to focusing on more serious matters, after the flooding that hit some parts of the town a fortnight ago.

"I felt so sorry for those people in the cottages that were flooded," Councillor Trevor Marris said.

"Nine people lost their homes," remarked Councillor Pauline Watson. "We don't know at the moment who was responsible. The pump kept shutting off." She went on to list the different parties that may be involved, as well as issues such as open sewers, the position of gas mains, and retaining walls being built over mains electricity, which may have compounded the problems.

"There are a lot of issues here," Councillor Watson said. "The drains cannot take it. Most of these drains are for sewage but builders tap in with surface water. We've got all these Victorian drains and they're not fit for purpose."

"The only way residents see a way forward is to re-do all the sewers in that particular area," Councillor Laura Stevenson said. She had been trying to contact Anglian Water about the problems. "It's very difficult to talk to Anglian Water over the phone," she noted."They always want a customer number."

"Horncastle bought 20 tonnes of sand," the Mayor, Jill Makinson-Sanders said. In Louth residents are offered ten sand bags, but they have to fill them themselves.

Councillor George Horton mentioned the lack of a flood alert system. "If the sirens go off it gives people a warning," he said.

Car parking charges to rise?

An ELDC working group on car parking met and made its report, and the Mayor had particular concerns about its second recommendation. This proposes equalising operating hours, and charges across the district, including introducing charging on Sundays, which Louth has traditionally not had.

"The revenue they need is from car parking. They can't survive without it," Councillor Watson said.

However Councillor Sue Locking argued in favour of the West Lindsey model, where parking charges are much lower.

"West Lindsey's council tax is higher," Councillor Brian Burnett pointed out.

Rate relief for the Ants and Nats

Louth Naturalist, Antiquarian and Literary Society applied for rate relief for its four premises. These are:

  • The Museum, 4 Broadbank
  • The Mansion House, 12 Upgate
  • The Mansion House Meeting Room, 12 Upgate
  • 14 Upgate

The council voted overwhelmingly in favour of granting this.

St Michaels' expansion

St Michael's C of E Primary School have made an application to expand their intake, so they have plans for new buildings to meet the needs of the extra pupils. Councillor Stevenson was one of the council representatives who went along to look at these plans. She said "It's really beautiful, it's absolutely amazing. This will make things better for the whole school. I think we need to show our support."

Councillor Watson sounded a cautious note, remarking "It's a C of E school. ... Some of the people they need to take in won't fit the scheme of things."

Nevertheless the town council voted in favour of supporting the school's expansion.

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