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Round-Up: Lockdown Changes In Louth

November 11th 2020

The Riverhead Theatre
The Riverhead Theatre

Remembrance Day

In this strange year, many of us have been prevented from attending ceremonies to mark Remembrance Day. However, that doesn't mean that those who fought and sacrificed for us will be forgotten.

I'm thankful for those who have served, and for those who continue to serve to keep the country safe from harm and able to live in freedom.

We will remember them.

Supporting the arts

Many arts organisations and venues have suffered a huge loss of income as a result of the first lockdown, and as we undergo a second one their chances of recouping that income diminish. Louth Museum normally closes in October, so this year it has missed most of the small window of opportunity it has from Spring to Autumn when it would attract visitors. And although it's run by volunteers, maintaining the building and exhibits isn't free. So it has launched a Crowdfunder to help keep it going.

Meanwhile, the Riverhead Theatre is in a similar position, as show after show has had to be delayed until next year. You can donate here for its fund to spruce up its seating.

The Big Energy Saving Network

Whilst some people will be in the fortunate position of being able to donate to worthy causes, for others hit by business closures and redundancies the issue will be how to pay bills. During Autumn and Winter 2020/21, The Big Energy Saving Network is available to provide advice and help with saving money on home energy for households in Lincolnshire. This includes help getting a better deal, accessing the Warm Home Discount if eligible, energy efficiency tips, and more. Access to this can be over the phone or online.

Local Restrictions Support Grant

The four week lockdown will have an impact on businesses, so there is a scheme to compensate those rated businesses that will have to close due to restrictions. ELDC is managing the Local Restrictions Support Grant. This is primarily for those businesses required to close. However, there is also likely to be a discretionary element for businesses that are affected but aren't mandated to close, which may be available in January 2021.

It's important to note that businesses will need to make new applications for this fund, even if they applied for funding successfully for earlier schemes.

The Covid Symptom Study

Unfortunately, I spoke too soon when I noticed a slight dip in active cases in the Covid Symptom Study. East Lindsey had 2016 active cases on 11th November, more than doubling the figure from 8th November.

It's extremely concerning news that indicates we have no room for complacency.

King Edward VI Closure

Unfortunately, King Edward VI Grammar School in Louth will be closing due to essential staff needing to self-isolate. This will start on Thursday 12th November, and is projected to be last until 25th November, although that may be subject to change. Students will be asked to study online from home. This is the announcement.

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