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Lovely Louth Presentation

September 12th 2011

Lovely Louth winners

Competition winners

The Wheatsheaf and Mr and Mrs MacDonald

The Wheatsheaf and Mr and Mrs MacDonald

Mr Keith Willerton

Mr Keith Willerton

The Wheatsheaf

The Wheatsheaf

The Kings Head Hotel

The Kings Head Hotel

Mr and Mrs Lyle

Mr and Mrs Lyle

Mr Dring

Mr Dring

Mr Keith Willerton

Mr Keith Willerton

Keen gardeners gathered at Sessions House for the annual awards presentation for the Lovely Louth Competition, which is organised by Louth Town Council. The Mayor, Brian Burnett, handed out awards in five categories.


Category 1: Shops and Business Premises
1. Lakings

2. Spinning Wheel

3. Toni's Plaice

Category 2: Licensed Premises
1. The Wheatsheaf

2. The Kings Head Hotel

3. Ye Olde White Swan

Category 3: Private Houses, Hanging Baskets and Window Boxes
1. Mr and Mrs MacDonald

2. Carol Day

Category 4: Gardens Visible From the Road
1. Ken Addison

2. Norma Morris

Category 5: Senior Citizen's Gardens Visible from the Road
1. Mr and Mrs Lyle

2. Mr Dring

3. Keith Willerton

Enhancing The Town

The competition is run in order to make the town look more attractive by enhancing it with all kinds of floral decorations. It's very successful in achieving this aim. The only thing that's missing is a category for community gardens, and adding one could be a way of taking the competition to even greater heights next year.


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