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Louth Community Energy Survey Launched

February 13th 2012

Louth Community Energy Blog

Louth Community Energy Blog

Transition Town Louth have made the following press release:

Transition Town Louth have been awarded just over £31,000 from the Local Energy Assessment Fund (LEAF) to commission an in depth report into the energy efficiency of Louth’s housing stock. Using sophisticated computer modelling combined with the results of householder surveys, the Bristol based Centre for Sustainable Energy will produce an analysis of the number and types of residential property in Louth. This detailed information will enable the residents of Louth to identify the most appropriate forms of energy saving technology for their property. James Pocklington of Transition Town Louth said “Our long term aim is to assist Louth’s gradual transition to a low carbon community, this is the first step. The report will provide us with a snap shot of the town’s residential carbon emissions, it will help home owners to make best use of the government’s forthcoming “green deal” and offer important feasibility advice towards community owned renewable energy generation”. The project has to be concluded by the 31st March 2012 so James says “The more live data we can put into the report the better so I would ask any residents who live within the 7 electoral wards of Louth to go to the online survey at https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/Louth_EnergySurvey (survey now closed) or phone me on 01507 607252 and request a freepost survey form it only takes a few minutes to complete and there’s a free entry into a cash prize draw of £100!”

This is great news for anyone in Louth struggling to pay high energy bills, as hopefully it will point the best way forward for increasing energy efficiency in our homes.

Councillor James Pocklington is a member of Louth Town Council's Sustainability Working Group (the others are Richard Aron and councillors Brian Burnett, David Hall, Roger Featherstone, Laura Stephenson and Jack Wood).

I did the survey, which is quite straightforward. Although I don't know why they need to ask "What is the age of the oldest person living in your house?" Apparently "none of your business" isn't a valid response. Phooey. A better question would have been, "Do you need the heating on high because of your age and/or health?"

There's also a new website at http://louthenergy.blogspot.com/.

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