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Town Council Round-up: Grants Presentation And Parade Debate

February 13th 2013

Community groups

Community groups



Louth Cottage Garden Allotment Association

Louth Cottage Garden Allotment Association

Mike Smith of Louth and District Concert Society

Mike Smith of Louth and District Concert Society

East Lindsey CAB

East Lindsey CAB

Laura Stephenson

Sadly, there was no award for best hat

Tuesday night saw the presentation of grants from the town council to a number of community organisations. The Mayor Jill Makinson-Sanders gave out cheques in a ceremony at Sessions House. The following organisations received awards:
  • Louth Area Autism Family Support Group - 200
  • Louth Dolphins Swimming Club - 400
  • Louth and District Gardening Society - 200
  • Louth Cottage Garden Allotment Association - 300
  • Louth and District Help for Homeless - 500
  • Louth and District Concert Society - 400
  • East Lindsey Citizen's Advice Bureau - 1000
  • East Lindsey Domestic Abuse Service - 100
  • Louth Old Boys FC - 200

The mayor asked the representatives of these organisations to explain a little about what they do. It was interesting that the impact of the range of benefit changes due in April came up a couple of times. "I think it's going to be a lot worse for a lot of people," said John Grasham of Louth and District Help for Homeless when the mayor asked him about this.

The council meeting

The grant awards ceremony was followed by a robed town council meeting. Councillor George Horton began a discussion on fly tipping in the area. "I thought East Lindsey was clamping down and prosecuting," he said.

Councillor Pauline Watson, who sits on the district and county councils as well as the town, defended ELDC. "There have been various people found guilty. About thirty people have been dealt with."

Subsequent discussion revealed that "dealt with" didn't necessarily mean prosecuted.

Councillor Brian Burnett said "The officers do go looking through all waste that's fly-tipped, looking for ID."

"We've got to have the help of the public to report it," Councillor Margaret Ottaway said.

Trinity ward vacancy

There will be an election for the vacant town council seat, but no date has been set for it. The town clerk did say that there are some interested parties. My money is on this being in May to coincide with the County Council elections, because that would be cheaper.

Civic Sunday

The Mayor's Parade will take place on 28th April, so councillors discussed the associated costs of road closures (about 300) and whether or not to do a buffet and give participating children pin badges to remember the event.

Councillor Horton was in favour of giving people badges. "I think it could become quite a collectible thing over the years," he said.

Councillor Laura Stephenson also favoured the badges, saying "It's something people will be able to hold on to."

But Councillor Chris Green disagreed. "I don't agree with this. Just taking part in the parade is enough honour."

Councillor Burnett expressed concern about not allowing children to attend the buffet at the town hall afterwards. "It's an introduction to civic life," he said.

There was quite a lot of discussion over a relatively small sum of money. It would cost around an extra 300 to lay on catering for children as well as adults after the parade, and the pin badges would cost a similar amount. In the end there was a recorded vote (something that usually only happens when the matter is quite important), and the council voted to give pin badges to all the children who take part.

Personally I don't think pin badges will make much difference to how many attend. For many youth organisations it's a chance to make people aware that they exist, so attendance is much more dependent on how many people know the parade is going to take place. But a pin badge is also a relatively cheap thank-you, because this event will be nothing without lots of enthusiastic participants.


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