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Vaccinations Reach Louth

December 15th 2020

It would have been hard to imagine, at the end of 2019, quite what a lost year 2020 would be. It's been awful on many levels, dominated by the impact of Covid-19.

However, the start of the vaccination programme after the Pfizer vaccine was approved for use does offer some reason for optimism.

Vaccinations at the hospital

The Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group announced that the Pfizer vaccine would be available from further sites including one at Louth. The first priority groups will be those over 80, and care home staff and residents.

Patients will be contacted by the NHS and given instructions. Don't call your GP about this - you will get a letter when it's your turn.

Immunity will take some time

Because the vaccines need to be taken in two doses about three or four weeks apart, it will be late December before the first people to be vaccinated on 8th December will be fully protected. Moreover, the fraction of the population who have had the jab so far is relatively small. The first two priority groups, including care home residents and workers, those over 80, and frontline health and social care workers, make up around 6.1 million people, out of a UK population of 66.6 million.

The Covid Symptom Study

As of 15th December, the Covid Symptom Study is estimating 297 active cases of Covid in East Lindsey. That's a considerable drop from estimates of more than 2000 cases in early November.

Case statistics

The government's figures for East Lindsey for the week up to December 9th indicate 247 cases for East Lindsey, a rate of 174.3 per 100,000 people.

As for as the town of Louth, with 18 cases its infection rates have returned to below the average for England.

With both the Covid Symptom Study and government figures for cases showing a reduction, there is evidence that local transmission is dropping. Unfortunately, we don't know what the effect of the holidays will be as people shop more for Christmas and there is the potential for the government to go ahead with a five day relaxation of the tiered rules on social distancing.

In spite of the plan for to allow three families to mix over Christmas, it seems premature with mass vaccinations around the corner and infections rising in some parts of the country.

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