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Round-Up: Pro Wind Campaign, A Disability Centre, and Success for the Ark

January 16th 2013

Hubbards Hills

The Lud on 28th December 2005

Lincolnshire Pro Wind Alliance

Lincolnshire Pro Wind Alliance is a new blog highlighting the points in favour of wind power. It's administered by James Pocklington, a Louth town councillor and enthusiastic advocate of all things green. However it's not just him, the "No bias on wind" online petition has reached over 90 supporters at the time of writing.

One of the alliance's stances is that the Lincolnshire County Council should not have an official policy on wind power, because they know little about it and it's not within their remit anyhow. As if those arguments ever stopped a politician sticking their oar in where it's not wanted (witness the disastrous EU cookie law, or just about any technology-related legislation).

Studio 21

For years Studio 21 has been a kitchen shop. But on 23rd January it will be opening as a centre for people with disabilities, providing help with independent living and health advice. Councillor John Hough will be cutting the ribbon on it at 11am, although the the open day will be all day.

Good news for animals

The Ark Animal Rescue, which is based out at North Somercotes near Donna Nook, has announced that it managed to re-home over 500 animals last year. If you want to help them beat that in 2013, check out their dogs and cats for adoption.

Snow and ice

I was going to go out and take some photos of the ice and snow, with it being so photogenic and wintry, like an angry Charlize Theron after somebody stole her scarf. Then I took one look at the pavements, and decided I'd rather not risk a broken leg. So here's one I did earlier, of the river Lud at Hubbard's Hills when it was frozen over in 2005.


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