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Round-up: A Singing Group, Green Audit and Jubilee Displays

May 16th 2012

Winner of the LSGC painting competition

Jubilee Displays

The Louth Town Partnership is calling for local shopkeepers to dress their windows in red, white and blue to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. To encourage this they're holding a competition with prizes for the best displays, to be awarded on Friday June 1st.

Town Partnership Chairman Peter Atterby said in the press release: “We have launched this competition in recognition of the often under appreciated work undertaken by our shopkeepers and to thank them for helping Louth to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee. We have already seen some fantastic themed Diamond Jubilee shop windows in the town and look forward to even more displays reflecting the spirit of this year.”

Singing Group

That's all very jolly. There'll be more good cheer to come in the month of June in the form of a new singing group that will meet at St Michaels church hall in Church Street from Monday 18th. Angela Pearson of the Grimsby-based You Can Sing Vocal Academy is branching out into Louth with group-based classes featuring pop, rock and songs from musicals. There will be a 5-6pm session for kids from 4-15, and a 6-7pm one for adults, for £3.50 after an initial free session.

For more information and to book a place ring Angela on 07960582207 or email angela_pearson@hotmail.co.uk.

Green Audit Document Released

The Centre for Sustainable Energy has released a document called "Summary of housing and renewable energy studies in Louth" in association with Transition Town Louth. This is part of the result of a £30 000 investment, and was produced using the results of a survey filled in by 186 households and supplemented by computer modelled data from various other sources.

CSE estimates Louth uses 261 562 780 kWh of energy and emits 72 572 tonnes of carbon each year. The report takes a good look at the types of insulation and heating systems and potential costs of upgrading homes to be more energy efficient.

I have some issues with this report, the main one being the kind of cloud cuckoo approach it has to how much money people are likely to spend. For instance, it states that if all their suggested improvements were made:

  • The total cost would range from £61.4 million to £76 million.
  • The average cost per dwelling would be between £8000 and £10000.
  • ...
  • The average household annual fuel bill could drop to £1300 (a reduction of around £370).

There will be some hefty government subsidies available to help people make these changes, but even with them I don't believe we'll see an extensive take-up of such measures in the near future.

You can download PDFs of the full, more detailed reports via A Green Deal For Louth

LSGC Open Day

Louth Strategy Games Club will be holding an open day on Sunday 10th June from 1pm to 9pm at the Trinity Centre, Eastfield Road. The club is trying to attract more female members to enjoy its mixture of strategy gaming, miniature artwork and socialising.

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