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Round-up: Glitnir, HealthWatch, and a Swimming Gala

March 17th 2012


Jonathan promotes Louth Civic

ELDC recover Glitnir money

ELDC's budget for 2012/13 requires 97,675,882 of gross expenditure, according to their council tax leaflet. That's a lot of pennies to find. The good news is a little less of it will have to come from East Lindsey residents' pockets, since the district council have reported they recovered 830,000 from the failed Icelandic Bank, Glitnir. The council is still owed money by Icelandic banks, however.


The Louth HealthWatch group had a meeting on 28th February, and there was a summary of the feedback online [update: the link has expired]. It makes interesting reading. People discussed the lack of NHS dentists, a lack of communication either between the various health services or to patients, and funding for care homes and adult social care. The ambulance service came in for some criticism:

"Concerns were raised about the Patient transport service with complaints about lack of reliability and poor communication.

...Issues were also raised about lack of personnel on Ambulances which meant that patients requiring lifting could not be transported."

Not all of the report is negative, though, and some aspects of local health provision are singled out for praise. But the consultation is ongoing, and if you want to have your say about local healthcare the group will have another meeting on May 24th at The Trinity Centre from 6.30 to 8.30 pm.

Swimming Gala

Kate Haywood, who used to train with the Louth Dolphins, has qualified for Team GB for the London Olympics this year. Yay! With England cricketer Arran Brindle also inspiring us, it's great to have local sporting talent we can be proud of.

The Meridian Leisure Centre was very busy this Saturday for the ASA County Championship Gala, and the car park was full to overflowing. The pool was closed all day for normal swimming while the competition took place.

Louth Civic Trust

Louth Civic Trust had a stall in the market to publicise their organisation, and to let people know about their upcoming Festival of Conservation. This will involve a series of talks, an opportunity to meet local contractors who specialise in traditional crafts, and a photographic exhibition. There will also be guided walks around some of the town's prominent listed buildings. The event takes place on Saturday 14th April at Louth Methodist Church, Nichol Hill, from 10am.


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