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Anti-Racism Demonstrators March In Lincoln

January 18th 2014

police presence

The police presence




Speeches in Cornhill

demonstrators and press

Demonstrators and press

Andrew Austin

Andrew Austin

Igor Kartel and Nick Parker

Igor Kartel and Nick Parker

the banner

"When the far right spread their racist lies we fight back and organise"

Jonnnie Parkin

Jonnie Parkin

Andrew Austin and superman

Batman was also there

Fascism is like porridge: if you don't watch it it boils over and makes a total mess of your cooker, and stinks up the room. Try getting sticky fascism out of your carpet, it's impossible. So when the EAP decided they were going to bus a lot of people in from other counties (and countries - there were some from Scotland) and hold a demonstration over plans to build a mosque in Lincoln, people from Lincolnshire turned out for a counter-demonstration.

These pictures were taken by David Hall, who was there to take a stand against racism. He was joined by another Louth town councillor, Andrew Austin, who went on to make an impassioned speech in Cornhill about the contribution immigrants have made to our country. There was a priest, Jonnie Parkin, who spoke about the origins of St George (half-Turkish, half-Palestinian). Rob Parker, the Labour Councillor, spoke about his party's support for multi-culturalism.

There were many other speakers, all of them sober and informed. The speakers did not swear constantly, and nor did the crowd. They were peaceful, articulate, and impassioned. The Lincolnite has some good videos in this gallery (scroll down the page to find the anti-racism speeches, but for the sake of your faith in humanity, don't read the comments).

Death threats

The organiser, Nick Parker, was reported to have received a death threat before the march. I've yet to confirm reports that more than one threat was made.

This is the sort of low tactic that the EAP employ instead of logic, facts, and lessons from history. As Isaac Asimov wrote, "violence is the last refuge of the incompetent."

The police made no arrests at either march.

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