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Covid Update: Domestic Abuse Help, Fly Tipping, and Shopping

April 18th 2020

Domestic Abuse

The pandemic lockdown has resulted in many people being confined to their homes, and in some cases that will mean they are stuck indoors with someone who is abusing them. Whilst this may have an impact on people being able to meet friends and family for support, there are a number of support services that people can still access.

Lincolnshire Police have made posters available with relevant details about sources of help for domestic abuse.

These organisations are offering help:

Fly Tipping

Several cases of fly tipping have been apparent as lockdown continues. Outside charity shops, including outside the British Heart Foundation where a "No Fly Tipping" sign is prominently pictured, people have been leaving bags of possessions they no longer want.

Similarly, there were piles of discarded clothes outside the donation bins in Queen Street. Because charity shops are closed and donation banks aren't processing clothes that they'd have no charity shops to send them to, these discards are fly tipping.

The bottle banks are also overflowing with bottles. This is inconsiderate - although the bottle banks may not be closed (it varies, and may change in short notice), taking bottles to the bank is certainly not an essential trip. Key workers in the waste service are under pressure, and so now is a good time to store bottles at home instead of bringing them to bottle banks.


There has been no doubt the experience of shopping has changed completely under pandemic conditions. Social distancing measures mean that maintaining 2 metres of distance between everyone requires more alertness, almost as if we're taking part in a slow and not very musical dance.

If you touch it, you take it. That's the new practice if you want to avoid handling too many items and spreading any virus that you may have that you're unaware of. Avoiding cash transactions, refusing receipts, taking a list so you don't need to make return trips, and wearing a mask are other safety options.

These are small adjustments, minor in the scheme of things. But it's important to acknowledge that the weekly shop has changed for many from being an enjoyable social activity into something that is more challenging and a potential source of infection. So far, I have experienced Ludensians dealing with this with consideration and good grace.

Business Grants

Grants are available for many small businesses and retail, hospitality and leisure businesses in the area. Details are available here: www.e-lindsey.gov.uk/CVBusinessGrants.

Whilst businesses should have been informed of this, they will still need to fill in a form in order to access a grant.

Official advice

Visit the NHS page for its updated advice on dealing with Coronavirus.

The UK Government also has guidance for the public.

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