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Town Council Election Results

November 18th 2011

David Hall

David Hall

Neil Ward

Neil Ward

On Thursday 17th November an election for Louth Town Council took place, to fill two vacant seats on the wards of North Holme and St. Michael's. These were left empty by the sad death of Keith Sharpe and Tom Nelson's resignation.

I am pleased to announce that David Hall won his seat for Labour with a comfortable majority, polling 162 votes to John Gains' 70. And when I say pleased, I mean chuffed as nuts.

Neil Ward took St. Michaels for Labour with a much narrower margin of 127 votes, pipping Jane Treanor by only two votes, whilst Paul Burton gained 60. Both Paul and Jane were standing as independent candidates.


Okay, this was pathetic, people of Louth. Only 15.18% turned up to vote in St. Michael's, and a paltry 13.48% in North Holme ward. It kind of takes the shine off David's landslide. Granted, this isn't quite as glamorous as a general election, but local politics concerns everyone and is just as likely to affect individuals as national issues are, with issues of planning, local amenities and the promotion of our town. So next time pull your socks up and get involved. Must do better.


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