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Four Things North Holme Ward Wants

November 18th 2011

David Hall

David Hall

David won his seat and is now on the town council. Woot!

One of the great things about running an electoral campaign is getting to talk to lots of people and finding out what concerns them. Not that I was out canvassing with David. While I was off stalking famous writers and contemplating Armageddon, Laura Stephenson, Lesley Kuomi, and Phil Sturman pounded the pavements with David and discovered what has the people of North Holme ward worried.

There are four issues that stood out above all the others, and I'm going to share them in order of prominence.

A Cheap Food Store

First and foremost in people's minds is the need for a cheap food store, like an Aldi or a Lidl, near to where they live. They're fed up with paying over the odds for food at corner-shop prices, but the trip into the town centre is difficult for people with limited mobility or time. The message was loud and clear: North Holme wants a store near to where people live.


There is quite a bit of sheltered housing in the area, for example around Welbeck Way. Residents are looked after by two wardens, and for the people who use this service it is vital. People are afraid of losing the wardens as a result of government cutbacks, and they don't want that to happen.

Trotters Traders

Many people expressed support for Trotters Traders. They want to see the store stay open and maintain its place on the trading estate.

Wolds College

Wolds College is quite a large building which some residents were not happy about when it was built. A few people voiced concerns that now it is open it's not being used to its full capacity, and it's empty too often.

So those are the four hot topics that have North Holme residents anxious in November. The remarkable thing is the dominance of the first issue, and the way so many people were asking for the same things.


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