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Town Council Round-Up: Speed Limits, Sports, And More Plans

December 19th 2013

The town council bowed their heads for a minute's silence in memory of David Skinner, the former town councillor and mayor of Louth. The current Mayor, David Wing, wished Boston council "all the best" with their recovery efforts following their recent flooding.

Street lighting improvements will take place on Bridge Street on Monday and Tuesday, 20th and 21st of January 2014, and they will affect the traffic.

Speed limits

The council looked at introducing a 50mph speed limit leading up to the 30mph zone on the B1520 near the London Road Pavilion. Councillor Trevor Marris said "50mph on this bit is far too fast. 40mph is plenty fast enough."

"That road really is horrendous," Councillor Margaret Ottaway commented.

"This is a bit academic unless we have some enforcement there," Councillor Neil Ward said.

The council voted in favour of recommending a lower limit. The town council doesn't have the last say, but their input may influence LCC Highways.

Plans, plans, plans

There were 16 plans up for consideration in this meeting. That's more than usual, but many of them were minor alterations and developments. The first one, though, is the application by E.A.R.L.Y. for a sports complex on the industrial estate. Councillor Gus Robinson commented that "Louth is doing exceptionally well sports wise."

Councillor Jill Makinson-Sanders warned that the industrial estate is "very badly lit", and queried whether it would be safe for kids with bikes.

"Most BMX bikes are not used on the road. I'm not sure we have to worry too much about access and ingress," Councillor Laura Stephenson said.

"The whole package is very good for the town," Councillor Fran Treanor said.

These plans include a BMX track, a football pitch, two squash courts, a cafe and a car park. It's fair to say they were well received by the town council, who approved them.

Another large project back for reconsideration was a wind turbine in Legbourne, a project the town council had previously refused. Councillor Andrew Leonard said "It's the principle. I would definitely want to refuse it again."

"It would overpower the village," Councillor Treanor commented. The council voted to continue to object to this plan.

Other objections were for consent to display externally illuminated signs at the Golden Fleece on Kidgate, and for a request to remove a condition concerning the use of a track on Crowland, off Crowtree Lane. "Highways don't want the track used for reasons of safety," Councillor Leonard said.

A new fire station

LCC made an application to demolish the fire station on Eastfield Road, and build another one with more accommodation. The new one wouldn't have the steel training tower, but it would have six bedrooms and a kitchen/dining area.

"This is streamlining the fire service. The firemen are going to live there," Councillor Treanor commented. The town council voted to approve this development.


On a more personal note, this council meeting was the first time I'd been out of the house since Friday 13th, not counting the time I'd spent in Accident and Emergency at Louth and Grimsby with a suspected fractured nose. I had quite a dramatic grand mal seizure on Friday morning, something I get every year or two if I'm unlucky.

I'd like to thank the staff at A&E at Louth and Grimsby, and the ambulance staff and paramedic, for the care they took of me. Thanks also to everyone who sent me their sympathy and best wishes.

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