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Save Our Schools Launches A Petition

February 23rd 2011

The campaign group Save Our Schools (Louth and Area) has launched a petition in opposition to proposed plans to merge Cordeaux, Monks Dyke, The Wolds College, Tennyson High School and Birkbeck into one super-sized Academy serving the whole of the Louth area. Some of the criticisms to this move were outlined in an earlier post on this website.

In particular, the petition asks the governing bodies of the schools to "consult the wider community in as far a reaching way as possible concerning the merger and application for academy status of the establishments", and to do this before they vote on any of the proposals. One of the major concerns of the group is the speed of the changes and the apparent lack of consultation that is taking place with regard to them.

Save Our Schools

The Save Our Schools website


The group also has a new website and blog, at saveourschoolslouth.org.uk (link expired).

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