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Round-Up: Hope and Light, Donna Nook, Infection Figures, Crossing Problems, and Shop Closures

October 23rd 2020

a seal  

Donna Nook booking

November is peak seal season at Donna Nook. However, this year due to the effect of Covid-19, there will be an online booking system in place. If you don't book in advance and get a ticket you will be turned away.

Hope and Light project

With Christmas markets cancelled, and the Christmas season generally looking a lot different from normal in many ways, East Lindsey District Council is working with Different Light Collective to launch Hope and Light. This project will involve projecting community-designed artwork displays in market towns including in Louth. Each town has a themed template, and the idea is that residents will design, decorate and return these before November 6th so that they can then be displayed in the town.

Templates are available at Different Light if you want to take part. Louth's design is a Christmas tree. Given how controversial these have been in the town in recent years, I wonder whether someone is poking fun at us?

The project will also see an empty shop front transformed with a display.

Test and Trace support payment, and latest infection figures from Zoe

The district council is managing Test and Trace support payments of £500 for eligible people who can't work from home. If you're on a low income and have been asked to self-isolate, this may apply to you.

The government has ordered many people to stay home for the benefit of public health, so it's important that people who face hardship as a result of complying with an order to stay home make an application. Go to the East Lindsey website to do so.

As of today, data in the Covid Symptom Study indicates an estimate of 557 active cases. That's a big leap from the 380 estimated on 19th of October.

This isn't the same as the government data for cases and deaths, but it does give a good overview of the numbers of people predicted to have symptomatic Covid in an area. With over 1600 people in East Lindsey contributing data, it helps to fill in the full picture of local risk. If you have a suitable smartphone, please consider downloading the app and contributing.

LTC action on the crossing

Meanwhile, Louth Town Council voted at their last meeting on Tuesday 20th October to write to Lincolnshire County Council about the new crossing at the bottom of St Bernard's Avenue, at the junction near Eastfield Road. There are issues with the short distance between the crossing and the junction, and the placement was something that most ward councillors including myself objected to. LCC Highways were adamant that the crossing couldn't be anywhere but where it is, so councillors asked for a number of other safety measures to be put in.

However, now the crossing is in use it's clear that these safety measures need to be enhanced, which is why LTC is asking for traffic lights to be put in.

No remembrance parade

This year no remembrance parade will take place. However, there will be a service at St James' Church on Sunday 8th November, but attendees will be limited and people who want to attend will have to apply for tickets from the deanery office.

Shops closing down

Sadly, both Peacocks and Edinburgh Woollen Mill are displaying signs for closing down sales. This will leave a big gap in Louth's high street, and may have a knock-on effect for other shops that rely on the shopping experience of the whole town to attract customers from a wide area.

This is devastating for the employees, who weren't made aware of what was happening before the news came out in the national press.

Of the two shops, the most significant closure is Edinburgh Woollen Mill, due to its older customer base. This is a concern because that tends to be the demographic less likely to shop online. I have long considered this to be one of the principal reasons that Louth has retained its relatively low level of empty shops, because with many older shoppers in the area who generally eschew online shopping, this has allowed more Louth shops to stay open. (Of course, the good quality and range of independent shopping in Louth also has a part to play).

During the pandemic, however, it is precisely older shoppers who will be more likely to need to go online to shop in order to shield and avoid crowds.

Wear your masks and wash your hands, because so much depends on reducing this airborne infection.

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