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How Lincolnshire County Councillors Voted On Their Pay Rise

February 24th 2014

This is breakdown of how the county councillors voted on the motion to give themselves a pay increase of at least 23%. At a meeting of the full council on 21st February, a majority of councillors voted to allow themselves the increase in their basic allowance, so the increase was passed by 50 votes to 20.

There were no abstentions, but seven councillors were absent. It's notable that not all seven of the councillors were absent throughout the whole day. Some of them left early, because there were 73 of them present during the earlier budget votes.
Bob Adams (Conservative)
Mark Allan (Lincs Independents)
Alison Austin (Lincs Independents)
John Beaver (UKIP Lincs)
Patricia Bradwell (Conservative)
David Brailsford (Conservative)
Jacqueline Brockway (Conservative)
Michael Brookes (Conservative)
Johanna Churchill (Conservative)
Colin Davie (Conservative)
Richard Davies (Conservative)
Richard Fairman (UKIP Lincs)
Ian Fleetwood (Conservative)
Andrew Hagues (Conservative)
Martin Hill OBE (Conservative)
Alan Jesson (UKIP Lincs)
Marc Jones (Conservative)
Burton Keimach (Conservative)
Tiggs Keywood-Wainwright (UKIP Lincs)
Stuart Kinch(Conservative)
Charles Edward Hugo Marfleet (Conservative)
John R Marriott (Liberal Democrats)
Robert McAuley (UKIP LIncs)
Angela Newton (Independent)
Patrick J O'Connor (Liberal Democrats)
Marianne Overton MBE (Lincs Independents)
Clive R Oxby (Conservative)
Christopher Pain (UKIP Lincs)
Nigel Pepper (Conservative)
Raymond Phillips (Conservative)
Mrs Helen Powell (Lincs Independents)
Susan Rawlins (Conservative)
Anne Reynolds (UKIP)
Peter Robinson (Conservative)
Lesley Rollings (Liberal Democrats)
Reginald Shore (Liberal Democrats)
Jane Smith (UKIP)
Elizabeth Sneath (Conservative)
Charles Strange (Conservative)
Christine Talbot(Conservative)
Thomas Trollope-Bellew (Conservative)
Anthony Turner MBE (Conservative)
Stuart Tweedale (Conservative)
William Webb (Conservative)
Paul Wood (Lincs Independents)
Susan Woolley (Conservative)
Linda Wootten (Conservative)
Ray Wootten (Conservative)
Nick Worth (Conservative)
Mrs Susan Wray (Conservative)
Victoria Ayling (UKIP)
Phil Dilks (Labour)
Sarah Dodds (Labour)
Geoffrey Ellis (Labour)
John Hicks (Lincs Independents)
John Hough (Labour)
Dean M Hunter-Clarke (UKIP)
Robin J Hunter-Clarke (UKIP)
Neville Jackson (Labour)
Rosanne Kirk (Labour)
Colin Mair (UKIP)
Charmaine Morgan (Labour)
Neil Murray (Labour)
Stephen L W Palmer (Lincs Independents)
Robert Parker (Labour)
Elizabeth Ransome (UKIP)
Felicity Ransome (UKIP)
Sue Ransome (UKIP)
Judy Rendshaw (Labour)
Robin Renshaw (Labour)
William James Aron (Independent)
Christopher Brewis (Independent)
Anthony Bridges (Conservative)
Kevin Clarke (Labour)
Denis Hoyes MBE (Conservative)
Daniel McNally (UKIP)
Barry Young (Conservative)

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