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Images From The 2018 Run For Life

June 24th 2018


Donna warmed up the men before the race

The men set off

The men set off

a ninja turtle

A ninja turtle

Mens winner

The winner of the men's race

Second placed man

Second placed in the men's event

Third placed man

Third placed in the men's event

The medal

The medal

Sunday, 24th June 2018 marked the 13th annual Run For Life in Louth. It was blazing sunshine for all three races: the children's, the women's, and the men's. The heat was somewhat oppressive, and probably made participants' times a little on the slow side.

I don't have as many pictures this year as there have been in previous years. David Hall normally does the photographs, but wasn't able to this time, unfortunately. Yet the costumes were varied and creative as ever: two strawberries, a couple of bananas, people with fairy wings, a family of ninja turtles, a couple of people in Maplins costumes from Hi-De-Hi, and Colin Marris in a carpet aeroplane. Alongside these, people walked dogs, carried babies, and pushed people in wheelchairs during the women's race, which as always was the most well-attended.

Throughout the course stewards gave encouragement and direction and provided bottles of water. The organisation was very good, and everyone who took part got a goody bag and a medal at the finish line. Mine included a couple of 3 day free gym passes from Magna Vitae, which I look forward to using.

The important thing is that it's all in aid of Cancer Research UK. Many people wore T-shirts and tributes to those people they were running to help, or in memory of, a touching reminder of how important this cause is to so many people.

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