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Tattoo Parlour Raises 500 for Birthmark Charity

March 26th 2011

Drew Le Fox

Drew Le Fox

Tom Nelson and Andrew Bruton of The Dirty Riot

Tom Nelson and Andrew Bruton
of The Dirty Riot

Drew Le Fox of the Le Fox Method Studio on New Street in Louth organised an event to raise funds for The Birthmark Support Group on Saturday night. He aimed to raise at least 500 through a marathon 12-hour inking session supported by live music from musicians such as Dominic Ball, DJ Stonesy, Dirty Riot and Trip to the Roses.

The charity exists to aid research into the causes of birthmarks, raise awareness, and to help sufferers. Although most people experience birthmarks as small, unobtrusive marks on the skin, for some people conditions such as port wine stains, strawberry birthmarks, congenital melanocytic naevi or cafe au lait patches can cause real distress.

By the end of the evening the event had raised 500 for the cause. There was also a visit from Steve Drewery, a tattoo fan who is known for travelling the world and getting a tattoo in almost every country he has visited.

Carol Raynard

Carol Raynard

Steve Drury

Steve Drewery

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