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Images From The 2017 Run For Life

June 26th 2017

Janine Stones

Janine Stones won the women's race

Kerry Stainton

Kerry Stainton came third in the women's event

two people in pyjamas

Two people in pyjamas

two caped crusaders

Two caped crusaders against cancer

people walking dogs

Several competitors walked dogs

a sloth and friends

A sloth and friends

dog walkers

More dogs and their owners

a dog in a pink tutu

A dog in a tutu

Snoopy and friend

Snoopy and friend

A woman being pushed in a wheelchair

Some participants went round the course in wheelchairs


Batman and pink pompoms

Men set off

Men set off along Mercer Row



first place runner

The winner of the men's race

second place runner

This man came second in the men's race

Kerry Stainton and another runner

Kerry Stainton, on her third lap


Another Batman

three runners, one with a backpack

One man carried a backpack

Louth's twelfth annual Run For Life took place on Saturday, 25th June 2017. It was a relatively cool, dry day, which made it perfect for running the 5 kilometre course. The run is in aid of Cancer Research, and as always it's poignant to see the teams and individuals who are running in memory of someone affected by this disease, or in celebration of someone who has been affected by cancer and has survived.

There were three events, for children, women, and finally men. A number of people turned up in costumes, and the event was very inclusive with people walking dogs, pushing wheelchairs and prams, and taking babies with them. As is often the case, the women's event had by far the most participants.

Janine Stones won the women's event, something she also did in 2014 as well as at various other years in the past.

It's a credit to the organising committee and the stewards that made this possible that the run went without a hitch and was well signposted and supplied with water and encouragement along the route. The atmosphere was friendly and fun, which is one of the reasons the Run For Life is such a popular fixture on Louth's sporting calendar.

Photos by Dave Hall.

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