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Round-up: Elections and Volunteers

October 26th 2011

Alford Pottery

A couple in Victorian costume

Jill Makinson-Sanders


The candidates for the local elections for the town council have been announced. The election will take place on November 17th in St Michael's ward and North Holme ward.
North Holme Ward
  • David Hall - Labour
  • John Gains - Independent
St Michael's Ward
  • Jane Treanor - Independent
  • Neil Ward - Labour
  • Paul Burton - Independent


Spout Yard Park are looking for volunteers to help with this community space. People are needed for painting, gardening, washing up, maintenance and helping in the kiosk and gallery. If it sounds like something you're interested in, phone 01507 603095.

Council Meeting

On Tuesday 25th October Alison Hall made a presentation to Louth Town Council, updating them about Louth Town Partnership's work to promote the town and boost local businesses. She noted that visitor numbers for the Victorian Family Fayre were up compared with last year's attendance.

Cattle Market Plans Refused

The Louth Town Council planning committee turned down a new application to erect a building to use as a cattle market on Belvoir Way, Fairfield Industrial Estate. The refusal was unanimous. However the ultimate authority on this planning decision rests with ELDC.


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