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Lockdown Round-Up: Tier 3, Case Rates, and Symptoms

November 26th 2020

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Tier 3

So, Lincolnshire is to enter Tier 3 when the national lockdown ends on 2nd December. This is the Very High Alert level.

Although this shouldn't be much of a surprise given the rising case numbers, it does mean a variety of changes such as the continued closure of indoor entertainment venues. It also means group exercise and indoor sports with people outside your household bubble shouldn't be done. The full guidance is here.

The Covid Symptom Study

As of 26th November, the Covid Symptom Study is estimating 1549 active cases of Covid in East Lindsey. Although that improves on the 2016 active cases it estimated on 11th November, figures for this have fluctuated widely in recent days.

Case statistics

The government's figures for East Lindsey for the week up to November 21st indicate 629 cases for East Lindsey. That includes 46 cases for the town of Louth itself. Both of those figures represent a drop in case numbers, although East Lindsey still has an above average case rate compared with the UK as a whole.

Keep on keeping on

We've all heard it: stay home, keep our distance, ventilate, wash our hands. It's important to stick to this advice.

It's also difficult, as winter comes and the nights draw in, to deal with this situation and the loneliness and worry that comes with the uncertainty of this outlook. It's worth remembering that the NHS is currently recommending that most people take extra vitamin D because many people have been indoors more than usual.

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