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Louth Gets To Keep Its Ambulance Station

March 27th 2013

Louth has reasons to be cheerful this week. Not only has The Times listed the town as the 12th coolest place to live, EMAS have announced their new plans for the ambulance service, and finally put to rest the fears that the town will lose its ambulance station. Three thousand people signed a petition asking for EMAS to reconsider its plans to close Louth's station and replace it with a smaller stopping point.

Jackie Featherstone, who was behind the campaign to keep the station, had this to say:

"I'm very pleased with the outcome. The fact that we fought a non-political campaign had a lot to do with its success. It couldn't have been done without the help of the people who signed the petition, the people who supported us on Facebook, the businesses, the town council, and all other organisations that helped."

EMAS issued a statement outlining their revised plans on 25th March. “We have approved plans to introduce nine hubs, 19 ambulance stations and 108 community ambulance stations. Having ambulances at Community Ambulance Stations means that we can serve patients better."

The changes will not be put into place immediately, According to their press release, “This is a five year plan and changes to our estate will not be immediate."

They have also announced a £120,000 investment in more defibrillators, as well as £2.8 million for 140 new frontline posts for emergency care assistants to help paramedics.

It's gratifying to celebrate a victory, even when that means merely maintaining the status quo. I can't say I'm all that surprised with this outcome, given the passion of people behind this campaign, and the level of local public support for it.

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