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Wind Power, Housing on Chequergate, and Ambulances

March 27th 2013

The town council have been united in their support for the campaign to save Louth ambulance station. So the news that it was successful was warmly welcomed in the council chamber on Tuesday, 26th March.

Jackie Featherstone, who led the campaign, gave special thanks to members of the council for their help.

Meetings and committees

There was some discussion about the way meetings are organised, and the way that there is a planning sub-committee which looks at applications closely in order to speed up the planning process. The main problem is that these council meetings can go on for several hours, and often they don't finish until 10.30 or 11pm. Councillors debated whether it was okay to delegate planning matters, and the reasons why the meetings tend to take so long.

The problem is, when these meetings last too long there's less oversight. I always leave before 9pm, and that's why I won't be talking about the financial decisions made later in the evening, no matter how controversial they may have been.

A wind turbine

There was a planning application for a wind turbine with a maximum height of 46.3 metres at Station Road, Legbourne. This is out of the town council's area, but the applicants decided to consult in any case. "It's difficult to find grounds to refuse it," Councillor Trevor Marris said.

However Councillor George Horton disagreed. "I find it easy to say no. Is it sustainable? People are saying they're not worth the layout."

Councillor Brian Burnett said "It's hidden by trees, way back from the village."

The council voted to grant permission for this turbine.

More plans

The council voted against allowing a bungalow at Cistercian Cottage in Stewton Lane. "It's outside of the development area," Councillor Marris commented.

Plans for extensions and improvements at the Greyhound Inn were given the go-ahead.

The Revenue buildings

There was an application for eight buildings on the site of the former Revenue buildings on Chequergate. The council had a number of very strong objections to this plan. Fears of over-intensification, poor access, and poor design were mentioned.

"They're proposing a big building. It's two and a half storeys, in the shadow of the most important listed building in town," said Councillor Burnett.

The council refused this application overwhelmingly, and they also turned down plans to demolish the existing buildings due to the absence of a credible plan for replacing them.

ELDC is the authority for all of these applications, and LTC are consultees.

Trinity Ward election

Andrew Austin (Labour), John Gains (Independent, I think?) and Malcolm Locking (Independent) will be contesting the election for a Louth town councillor for Trinity Ward on Thursday, 11th April.

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