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Louth Civic Parade Ends In Madness

April 28th 2013




A number of local groups and civic dignitaries from around the county took part in Louth's Civic Parade through the town on the morning of Sunday, 28th April. Marchers included brownies, beavers, local cadet groups, the guides, and the flood warden. The Mayor and town clerk were in full civic regalia.

The parade set off from the Cornmarket and marched towards the church. However, in Upgate one of the visiting dignitaries took a fall on the kerbside. Luckily she recovered quickly, and although an ambulance was called it was soon cancelled.

After the church service the parade marched back into the Cornmarket, where the Mayor stopped to thank the participants and handed out pin badges to all of the children who marched. The brass band played Baggy Trousers by Madness at this point, much to everyone's amusement.

Councillor Andrew Austin posted this video of the event on YouTube:

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