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Libraries Change Their Opening Hours

April 30th 2014

Across the county library opening hours are due to change as a result of swingeing cuts LCC are making to the library service. Opening hours will be reduced from May 6th.

In Louth, the new opening times are as follows:
Day Current opening timesOpening times from 6th May
Monday9am 6pm9am - 5pm
Tuesday9am 6pm9am - 2pm
Wednesday9am 6pm9am - 5pm
Thursday9am 1pm9am - 6pm
Friday9am 7pm9am - 5pm
Saturday9am 4pm9am 4pm
The library was one of the last places in town to observe half-day closing on a Thursday. I can't think of any other shops or businesses that still do, but that doesn't mean there aren't any.

I'm not sure whether this this change of library opening hours is another nail in the coffin of an old tradition, or a way of making the library more accessible to working people.

Judicial review dates

A full judicial review will go ahead on July 8th and 9th at the High Court in London, over the county council's decision to cut Lincolnshire library services.

Before then, campaigners will hold a protest at 8.45am on the 6th of May at Lincoln Central library, against this latest round of cuts.

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