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Allegro Appassionato Christmas Concert 2005

December 4th 2005

Katherine Lam

Katherine Lam receives a bouquet

On December 4th the pianist Katherine Lam played at the Conoco room for the Allegro Appassionato Christmas concert. The audience was treated to a variety of classical and modern piano music.

The first half of the set featured some calming and melodic pieces, including Chopin. Katherine then brought us forward in time, playing Gershwin's three preludes to a rapt audience.

The final piece was the unusual Winnsboro Cotton Mill Blues, which Katherine describes as "like nothing you've ever heard before". This piece of music begins with the piano echoing the sound of the noisy cotton mill, dramatic and almost sinister, before changing to a softer and finally a more cheerful melody. It was a piece that demonstrated Miss Lam's considerable talent.

Finally, traditional carol songs rounded off a successful afternoon's entertainment.

Even if you missed this event, Allegro Appassionato usually meets weekly on Wednesday lunchtimes for concerts at the Conoco room, above Louth library.

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