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Churches in Louth

 Saint Michael's Church

St Michael's

Eastgate Union Church Hall

Eastgate Union Church

Alvingham church

Alvingham church

Holy Trinity Church  

The Trinity Centre

North Cockerington parish church

North Cockerington parish church

a WWI tragedy

Gravestones tell a sad story

Although St James is Louth's most famous parish church, it is by no means the only beautiful and interesting place of worship in the town. Pictured on the right is the Anglican church of St Michael, which is situated on the aptly named Church Street. Along with St James and Holy Trinity Church, it is part of the Team Parish of Louth.

The Holy Trinity Church Centre that stands today is in fact the third church to be built on that site. After a fire destroyed all but the tower in 1991, most of the church had to be rebuilt. The tower is pictured on the left. The new church was completed in 1997 and dedicated by the Bishop of Lincoln, the Right Reverend Robert Hardy. It is a novel blend of old and new architecture, with a second curved tower which carries symbols of regeneration. It is now known as the Trinity Centre.

Eastgate Union Church is a Baptist and United Reformed church found at the junction between Eastgate and Ramsgate Road.

Twin Churches

A few miles beyond the town in the village of Alvingham, you can find the attractive twin churches of St Mary and St Adelwold.

These gravestones pictured left tell one of the tragic stories of the First World War. They can be found in the churchyard of St Mary's and St Adelwold's.

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