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Day of Fun for Harvey Phillips

27th August 2005


August 27th saw a massive fun day held at Cordeaux school in aid of Harvey Phillips. Harvey suffered from meningitis which meant he needed amputations to both his legs, as well as his lower right arm and the fingers on his left hand. Money raised will go towards his future treatment.

Attractions included donkeys, bouncy castles, tombolas, rides, displays, and a car boot sale. The event was well attended.

At one end of the field, Stranded played a lively set, with a large variety of covers and original songs. Lead singer Ceri Royston-German sang with a clear voice, interposed with the delicate twang of breaking guitar strings (thanks too some instrument problems). Their light rock sound with an American seventies influence was reminiscent of The Doors and early Dylan.

Stranded Stranded Stranded

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