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40s Re-enactment Weekend at the Glasshouse Cafe near Tattershall Bridge

A soldier reloads during battle

display of 1940s medical equipment

24th September 2006

The Glasshouse Café and Craft shop was the venue for a 1940s re-enactment on the weekend of the 23rd and the 24th of September. Re-enactors travelled from across England to meet and entertain the crowd with a wartime display.

The noisy and boisterous display involved a mock battle between a group of Germans and allied forces. Plenty of smoke and pyrotechnics were used to help create a realistic battle atmosphere.

Re-enactors leave the 21st century behind for the weekend and live as people from the 1940s. It's not just a matter of adopting a different mode of dress: every aspect of their daily activities is carried out in an authentic 1940s style. So cooking, cleaning, sleeping and travelling are done as they would be in the 40s, using as much period equipment as possible.

There were displays of period medical equipment and guns, as well as a stall selling memorabilia. Re-enactors brought army vehicles, motorbikes and tents from the era to the encampment.

The event was rounded off with a meal and a dance on the Saturday evening.

If you want to get involved with 1940s re-enactment, take a look at the Axis re-enactment forum .

The battle is re-enacted

The battle re-enactment

A truck

The 82nd airborne re-enactors

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