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Entertainment in Lincolnshire

Outside In play at the Louth Food Festival  

Outside In play at the Louth Food Festival

Sing Out Louth Choir at the Louth Food Festival  

Sing Out Louth Choir at the Louth Food Festival

A harp player at the Spout Yard World and Folk Music event  

A harp player at the Spout Yard World and Folk Music event

Two performers at the Spout Yard World and Folk Music event  

Two performers at the Spout Yard World and Folk Music event

Frau Holle play at Free Degrees  

Frau Holle play at Free Degrees

External Links

Art on the Map
Information about artists working in Lincolnshire. Includes examples of artists' work, addresses of studios and map directions.

Grainthorpe Arts Festival
An annual art and craft festival held in the summer. There is information about events, sponsors, and organisations that benefit from the festival.

Guildhall Arts Centre
An arts venue for theatre, dance, films, and other cultural activities. Located in Grantham.

Lincolnshire Arts and Music Bulletin
A website concerned with artists and musicians in Lincolnshire. It contains profiles of bands, musicians, artists, and writers, as well as a forum.

Lincolnshire Film Archive
A charity which maintains an archive of film of life in the county. There are listings of the material and information about how to access it.

Lincolnshire Rural and Community Touring
A scheme bringing theatre, dance and music events to rural venues around the county. Includes information for promoters and details of events.

Louth Creative Writing
Creative writing and poetry workshops with Christopher and Kate.

Louth Film Club
A club for film enthusiasts, set up to show current films that go beyond the mainstream, and classic movies. There are details of membership, pricing, news, and forthcoming movies.

Louth Playgoers Riverhead Theatre
A theatre that is home to the Louth Playgoers. Includes visitor information, galleries, events and shows.

Nick Louth - freelance journalist
Nick Louth is a freelance journalist specialising in finance. He is also the author of the Bernard Jones books, the fictional tales of a bad investor.


Barbara Dickson
The official website of the Lincolnshire-based singer. There are details of albums and concerts, and information about her career.

Grimsby Bach Choir
A mixed voice chamber choir that performs a variety of music. There is information about forthcoming events and the history of the organisation.

Louth Choral Society
A choral society based in Louth. The website includes details of singers, reviews, and past and future concerts.

Louth Folk Club
A club which meets in Louth, dedicated to folk music. The website includes information about the venue, upcoming events, and contact details of the organisers.

Louth Male Voice Choir
A male voice choir that meets for rehearsals in Louth. There is information about membership, concerts and events.

Louth Riverhead Silver Band
Meets on Thursday nights at Nichol Hill Methodist Church, at 7.30 pm. All players are welcome.

Meridian Singers
A singing group meeting on the Greenwich Meridian in Louth and performing a range of genres including classics, jazz, gospel, and pop.

The Phoenix Singers
A ladies choir which meets in Fotherby. The website includes details of forthcoming concerts.


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