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a moth
A new spring on Bridge Street  

A new spring on Bridge Street

Community Garden  

Community Garden

Louth canal at Riverhead  

Louth canal at Riverhead

Blocked drains in Ramsgate  

Blocked drains in Ramsgate

Red Hill and the Wolds  

Red Hill and the Wolds

External Links

East Lincolnshire Astronomy Club
An amateur astronomy club meeting to make observations of the night sky, and running talks on astronomy. The website includes information about trips out, regular meetings, and how to join.

Lincolnshire Wolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty
Information about the Lincolnshire Wolds AONB provided by the Countryside Service. Includes news and event information, publications, and visitor information.

Louth Community Food Gardens
A voluntary organisation in Louth that aims to encourage people to grow their own food. They manage a number of vegetable plots for organic growing.

Transition Horncastle
An organisation dedicated to promoting sustainability in the Horncastle area. Contains details of events and campaigns, news about the local group, and a blog.

Transition Town Louth
A group which aims to raise awareness about the issues of peak oil and climate change, and to prepare for a more sustainable future.

Flood Defence

Black Sluice Internal Drainage Board
The authority set up to control water levels and reduce the risk of flooding in the area of south Lincolnshire that lies north of Bourne and between Sleaford and Boston. There are details of rainfall, board members, and conservation policy.

Lindsey Marsh Drainage Board
The drainage board responsible for providing land drainage and flood protection for the coastal area from south of Cleethorpes to Wainfleet. There are details of policy, board members, and land drainage history.

Water Level Management Alliance
A group of five Internal Drainage Boards operating in the Anglian Region. Includes details of the South Holland IDB.

Witham Third District Internal Drainage Board
Official site of the drainage board responsible for the area to the east of Lincoln. There are details of board members, meetings, policy, and information about the work of the board.


A Nature Observer's Scrapbook
Observations of the insects and wildlife found in East Lincolnshire. There are images of species of butterflies, moths, beetles, and other insects, as well as details of spiders, birds and other animals, and some plants.

Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust
The Trust aims to conserve wildlife and natural habitats in Lincolnshire and to promote understanding and enjoyment of the natural world. There is information on Trust reserves and activities, and endangered species and habitats.

Louth District Bee Keepers
A group for people interested in beekeeping. There is information about courses and events, swarm control and managing hives around the year.

The Lincolnshire Naturalists' Union
A group dedicated to natural history in Lincolnshire. Includes details of meetings and events, and information about publications.


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